Saturday, October 15, 2016

Gemstone Tangerine Aura quartz ladys ring brass ring spirit attached Jinn for sale click link

I have to offer you, this ladies ring. The mount is made from brass, and the gemstone in the center is a tangerine Aura quartz, with crystal quartz on each side. The ring is a size 6, and you will be the first imprint on this brand new ring. By the Oct. 5th, 2016 moon known as a waxing crescent. The spirit that came the strongest is a female Haitian Jinn. She is a once in a life time spirit to behold. So please if you feel the call behold her and her vessel. This is only the third conjure with this type spirit. She is very strong in beliefs, and very unique in her ways. She is safe, and pure positive energy. Her origins come from the Marid Jinn's. This makes her very powerful and a vast spirit. Her abilities to bring you blessings will astound you. You may not find her again any time soon. She is able to travel from her vessel to aide you at all times. She covers every aspect of your life cycle and path. This makes her a great spirit that can bring your desires and wishes into focus. Interaction with your spirit may be in real time or by using your devices. In real time she may shape shift into a elderly man you come into contact with. He will have green eyes and gray hair. It will be in a office atmosphere, and you will know this is your spirit by the feelings and chills you get. This may happen only once. Some of what you will experience will be shadows, yellow orbs, ecto mist, increase in birds out side your home, the scent of amber, touch, evps, emfs, pendulum response, clicking sounds, and other events in real time or on a device. Your spirit will not fail you and will tackle any task. She will enter your life and bring you love, kindness, respect, protection, be your guide, your friend, and so much more. You will have new friends, new love, better memory, new things, ability to learn, beauty, confidence, empowerment, and so many other blessings. She will balance and cleanse your aura which will open closed doors. Also she will be a link between your solar plexus and your heart chakra, which makes a blend of the highest traits. You will gain in will power from this. You will also feel your connection to the divine. You will have more energy and enhancement in your power of conscious. She will support you and help you bring what you want in your heart to manifest.

When the two energies merge, they work with your solar plexus and heart chakras as well. This is done with the element of storm, which will increase your vitality and help you to focus.

Tangerine Aura is used to boost self confidence.

Use it to help recognize your unique gifts, talents & creative abilities. This is a joyful crystal that promotes drive & enthusiasm. It will direct energy to where it is most beneficial to stimulate, heal, and motivate!

Tangerine Aura Quartz (aka Melon Aura) for us and they turned out beautifully. These Tangerine Aura Tumbled Stones are great specimens to use to connect with the vibration of Tangerine Aura. Tangerine Aura is a fantastic metaphysical stone and the vibration is simply amazing!

Tangerine Aura (Melon Aura) is created when Clear Quartz Crystals are super-heated in a vacuum and infused with vaporized gold & iron oxide. These precious metals condense onto the surface of the quartz crystal to form a permanent bond with the lattice of the quartz. By combining the vibrations of quartz with gold and iron oxide, a synthesis of unique vibrations is created. Tangerine Aura (Melon Aura) is wonderful for meditation and healing work.

Tangerine Aura shares many properties with Tangerine Quartz. Use Tangerine Aura's sweet energies to activate the Sacral Chakra, allowing one to feel more at home in one's environment. Many use Tangerine Aura to promote a higher self-worth and to remove creative and sexual blocks. Wearing Tangerine Aura jewelry points can be beneficial for those times when one is dealing with a low self-esteem.


Friday, October 14, 2016

Ladies jewelry ring stainless steel spirit conjured unexplainable events Dragon for sale

I have to offer you, this ladies ring with a stainless steel mount, brand new, with a emerald gemstone. The ring is a size 6, and by the Sept. 18th, 2016 waning gibbous moon, was conjured with the spirit of a Glacier male Dragon spirit. Your spirit comes to you with nothing but positive energy, safe energy. He is a great guide, and companion, with many abilities that he will bestow upon you. Fit for any level spirit collector, you will be fit for him. He is a active spirit that is fun, loving, and has great powers. He is going to be your aid in all that you need. He also has the ability to grant wishes as long as you are not greedy. On your behalf, he can travel to aid you away from the ring. You will feel his warmth, hear his sounds, and have so many blessings come into your life path. He will aid you in beauty of the heart and mind, bring you success, good luck, opportunities, and elemental magick. In real time or by using devices you will interact with your spirit. You can capture or see orbs, light rods, mist, fog, feel touch such as walking into a spider web, the scent of dirt, clicking sounds, communication in dreams, strong electrical disturbances and other paranormal events. He will work with you and activate your heart chakra, which gives you courage in your daily life path as well as in your relationships. He will also connect you with divine love. Wisdom and healing of a heart break is another wound he will close. Prosperity, and so much more is coming your way if you chose it to. The merging of both energies brings you love, compassion, healing, and abundance while they work on your heart chakra with the element of water. This opens your heart up to new love, forgiveness, compassion, and trust. Emerald is associated with the Heart Chakra and with blissful love. In groups of two or more people, Emerald can encourage bonding, and strengthen communication and understanding, helping each person to adequately express themselves without offending others.

Emerald is believed to enhance memory and mental clarity. Meditating with Emerald can help one to connect to Divine Love, open the heart to accept all things in life as gifts, and acquire the ability to discern when others are speaking the truth or not. Emerald can help to open one up to psychic abilities, and enhance one's ability to notice and manage synchronicity.

Emerald is often used to attract prosperity to the owner, strengthening the courage to follow your heart's wisdom to its logical outcome, and allowing for the amplification of hope and encouragement. It can also be used to alert one of any blocks to progress, so they can be addressed and released. Emerald can help you clarify and strengthen your intention for a positive outcome. Emerald can help maintain faith in the knowledge of Divine perfection. Emerald reminds one that the Universe will always provide.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Ladies ring clear quartz active conjured spirit entity safe for sale

Offering you on this day, is this ladies ring size 7. The mount of the ring is stainless steel, with clear crystal quartz's in the shape of a cross and on the sides. The brand new ring comes conjured, and was done so on Oct. 9th, 2016 by the first quarter moon. Two spirits came through the strongest, they are a pair of wraith's. Both female, and with them and your first imprint you have a powerhouse of protection. These sprints work alone, and together, and are safe for all you ladies. Protection is just one of the blessings they bring, justice, new love, money, and clearing all that is negative is what you have to look forward to. This type of spirit only works for you, no one else will be able to call upon them. They do communicate and interact, and can travel away from their host vessel. This pair of spirits can be interacted with in real time, and by device. They will let nothing hold you back any more. All that you have and love they will protect as well. Please keep in mind that your spirits have feelings and compassion, so please thank them occasionally. You may have them communicate with you by telepathy, and through a emotion as well as other ways. These spirits are from the light and bring you a heightened spiritual awareness. You can wear your ring or not they work for you just the same. You may feel at times vibration tingles when wearing your ring, this is normal, just a bonding energy. You will also have your aura cleansed by the spirits, and have them be your communication guides, in past life recall. You may also experience interdimensional travel in dreams. Soon you will feel the enhancements, the balance, and the prosperity they bring. Orbs, ecto mist, touch, the scent of rose, audible sounds, vibrations, objects moved, evps, emfs, and other unexplainable events may occur. Along with the energy of the gemstone the spirits energy's merge. This amplifies their intentions. The energy works with all of your chakras, with the element of storm. This will enhance your clarity, and aid your spirit guides.

The "Stone of Power", Quartz amplifies energy and intention. Using clear quartz can help to raise consciousness towards enlightenment and to purify on all levels. Extremely popular metaphysically, Clear Quartz is known as the "Master Healer" of the mineral kingdom, with it's very high vibration, and is the most versatile healing stone among all crystals. Quartz is said to be the most powerful healing stone of the mineral kingdom, able to work on any condition. Clear Quartz is believed to protect against negativity, attune to your higher self, and relieve pain. Quartz crystals are very programmable and have a tendency to hold a program much longer than other minerals.

There are many different uses for Clear Quartz Crystal. Many crystal lovers use them for meditation, by either simply holding one in the hand, or by staring into a crystal until the mediator feels as if they've "entered" the crystal. Cultures the world over have used Clear Quartz for various healing and religious purposes, throughout the history of humanity. Some people wear Clear Quartz regularly to repel negative energy or to help with clarity of thought. Many people meditate with Clear Quartz to facilitate a connection with higher realms or with the higher self. Still others use beautiful Quartz Crystal in grids for protection of an area or for specific programs. Clear Quartz works with all the chakras, and these Tumbled Clear Quartz are great for the practice of "laying on of stones". The possibilities are virtually endless when working with Clear Quartz Crystal.


Saturday, May 21, 2016

Dark Hollow Road in Bucks County PA

Legend has it that a nasty schoolteacher died in his schoolhouse on Dark Hollow Road, and his body wasn't discovered until over 100 years after his death. Today, if you walk on the street after dark, strange flickering lights will appear to follow you... Just waiting for you to misremember your multiplication tables